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Living with a double chin can be a real hamper on life. You can be as fit as an Olympic sprinter and still have a double chin to deal with. For people that live with them it can crush self-confidence, for a number of reasons.

In the first place, a double chin will add many years to a face. No one can escape the impression of old age when they see someone with a double chin.

In the second place, a double chin makes the person seem less healthy than they really are. Even if they have eaten a raw diet for months and not touched a piece of chocolate for ages, the double chin will still persist.

In the third place, living with a double chin is a constant reminder that the person did not win the genetic lottery. This leads to the ultimate conclusion about double chins that we all must come to: they are genetic, and are not representative of a person's diet or lifestyle choices.

Double Chins Are Hereditary

Double chins are a lot like the shape of the eyes or the kind of lips that people have. They are a physical feature of a person that they inherit from parents and grandparents and etc. So there really is not need to feel awkward about it because after all it is just another unique quality of a person that contributes to the fact that we are all so different.

However, for those who want to take care of their double chin once and for all, there is a solution. The solution is injectable neck fillers. Injectable neck fillers have been designed by cosmetic dermatology companies to deal specifically with the double chin phenomenon. Most of these products are designed to add volume to the neck. Adding volume to the neck helps to decrease the presence of the neck line that divides the two chins. It is really this wrinkle in the skin that creates the learn the facts here now odd appearance of two chins, and bringing volume to the area around the wrinkle has been found to be effective. Dermatologists in Sterling Heights and beyond have found it to be one of the best anti check it out aging procedures because it brings continuity back to the neck shape.

Thicker Necks Require Fat Removal

Not all necks are thin enough for the volume treatment to work. Those with thicker necks must consider the removal of fat as the most effective option for dealing with a double chin. Fat removal products are not very common on the market yet. They are likely to become more popular as the current batch prove to be effective for patients of all types. The FDA is a very strict agency that would not approve a fat removal drug unless it passed their long list of stringent requirements about ingredients and after affects.

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